What are Exploriments?

Exploriments are apps on the web and iPad for learning Science through interactions with realistic simulations.

The word “Exploriment” is a portmanteau of “Explore” and “Experiment”, and combines the sensibilities of both words. The philosophy of Exploriments is to encourage true scientific temper by creating a safety net in which experimentation can progress without fear of failure, spills, expense or mishaps.

An Exploriment is a visual, interactive environment created by a computer program. It is a personal virtual laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Math learning.

In an Exploriment, real world interactions
produced in a virtual environment are studied for learning Science. Examples - setting a pendulum in motion and measuring its period, dropping an object through space and measuring velocity, or passing current through a device in an electric circuit and measuring voltage drop.

 An Exploriment helps you learn by performing tasks - that makes it more engaging and immersive than watching videos or slideshows. Watch a video demonstration of an iPad Exploriment on Fluids and Buoyancy:


Just as sportspersons use shadow practice to sharpen their responses and fighter pilots use flight simulators, Exploriments use simulation to take you past a laboratory, to the center of the Earth, to distant planets like Jupiter, and even to the surface of the Sun in order to further your understanding of Science.

Exploriments are available either as web applications on http://www.exploriments.com or as iPad apps on the App Store at iTunes. Welcome to Simulation-based learning. Welcome to Exploriments. Join the revolution!


  1. Prasanna, you are doing such great work.

  2. Hello Prassana, Are you going to be updating the iPad app for iOS 11?