iPad apps for Physics: A great Thanksgiving gift idea!

The Exploriments blog wishes all its readers a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings to those who celebrate Thanksgiving by enjoying the long weekend with friends and family and the science geeks who'd rather curl up with a good science blog or video - spare us a few moments now, and you'll thank us later when "Back to School" madness begins.

We have made Physics fun for middle and high school students by bringing our apps to the Apple Store and iTunes. Our interactive learning objects continue to be available online at www.exploriments.com, but now they're also at your fingertips, on your favorite device the Apple iPad. We at Exploriments know the benefits of simulation-based learning, and we would love to get the good word out to everyone in the community.

If you are a 1:1 iPad school, a committed parent or a passionate teacher, Exploriments will be your best friend. As of this writing, there are Exploriments for iPad available in the areas of Motion, Fluids, Electrostatics, Electricity, Force and Light - all using interactive touch-based simulations, with illuminating content as well as recommended explorations. 

View Exploriments on iPad now and bookmark the link too - we update the tabs as we build and release new apps. Try the free Weight and Mass app to get a taste of simulation-based learning - it is fun and easy to understand. Happy Exploring! 

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  1. You have simulation-based interactive learning units on the exploriments portal. Using physics application on your iPad to engaging exploriments and objects continue available online.