Exploriments on iPad: Episode I

"Education at a crossroads"

More and more, school work is being seen as a boring, tedious, zero-fun game. 
Movies, games and networking sites are vying for students' attention (and winning). Most methods of teaching used in schools are unidirectional and non-interactive, and that does not help; classroom instruction that only uses the book-and-board route leaves many students unable to cope, or struggling with text that does not adapt to individual needs. 

Schools need a supplement to boost engagement and generate interest.

Team Exploriments believes that a human brain thrives on stimulation, and that is the secret to making learning a fun activityStudying and learning are activities that are losing ground to gaming and networking. The few students who are interested get tagged geeky or nerdy, and that scares others away. This needs to change. We need role models and change agents to drive this change.

Something is not right. Poor grades and dropouts are on the rise. The lessons taught at school will stick in students' minds if they are fun. This will contribute to a happy, successful and rewarding life. Getting students interested in our technological world should be one of the major aims of education; gaining employment and earning a livelihood are secondary outcomes that will follow automatically, if the first principle is satisfied.

While textbooks, standardized tests and classrooms have their own place, they lack the ability to engage and be fun. Students live in a seductive, media-driven world in which educational aids are forced to compete for attention.

Exploriments offers hope. These are fun apps that allow for self paced exploration

Exploriments was designed to counter this situation. Every app is built from the ground up to reflect our core belief - that a student should learn concepts and ideas the fun way - by interacting with a virtual "lab", by advancing at his or her own pace and learning progressively, by discovering concepts (ably guided by our packaged content) and letting the engagement lead the way to discovery. 

Exploriments enable a game-like immersion, and engage students through the use of interactivity.

The world of pendulums, microscopes, magnets, doorbells, CD players, MP3 players, mobile phones, microwave ovens, cars, computers or even rockets, can be the most exciting of all playgrounds. We believe that the interactivity and game-like engagement achieved by Exploriments makes it a much needed supplement for traditional classroom instruction.

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