Exploriments on iPad: Episode III

[Previously, in "Exploriments..."

Episode I spoke about how seductive alternatives are drawing people away from education.
Episode II talked about how Simulation can be our Knight in Shining Armor.]

This episode completes the Trilogy by talking about how simulation as used by Exploriments is most effective when it joins forces with the awesomely cool iPad, and emerges as the teacher's ultimate ally in the war on science illiteracy.

An application generates more engagement when it is interactive, dynamic, and intuitive. As humans with opposable thumbs and articulate fingers, we have all evolved standard gestures from interacting with the "analog", or real world. The iPad's interface supports all these instinctive gestures, making it the ideal platform for our simulation based, game-like apps.

Visual simulations and iPads use similar languages of interaction. Add to that the Exploriments frameworks (Pendulums, Weight and Mass, Simple Circuits, etc), and what you get is the ideal toolkit for making learning a game-like, fun, and engaging activity.

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